100 persons suffers from Dengue in Pokhara

हेल्थपोस्ट नेपाल

As high as 100  persons are confirmed suffering from dengue fever so far in the current fiscal year in Pokhara, a major tourist destination of the country.

Senior Virologist and Director of the Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Control Dr. Basudev Pandey said that the number of dengue patients was confirmed after the sample tests of large persons.

He said that awareness raising campaigns was started after the rise in the dengue patients with the start of November, a highly alarming season for dengue fever.Technicians are given trainings for the same, and ‘search and destroy’ operation was conducted for three days in dengu hit area, he added.

The bite of female mosquitoes named Aedes aegypt causes dengue fever. The Office has alerted the locals and has requested to bury the ditches with accumulated water near their houses.

This is the first dengue outbreak in Kaski district, normally known as a hilly district.



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