Kit shortage hits corona testing in Saptari

हेल्थपोस्ट नेपाल

SAPTARI: Shortage of rapid diagnostic test (RDT) kits has affected the coronavirus testing in Saptari district. The district is facing the shortage of devices after a large number of people from Saptakoshi and Kanchanroop municipalities of the district underwent RDT.

Those who are in home quarantine have not been able to undergo a coronavirus test in lack of RDT kits, according to the Health Office, Saptari. Chiefs of Health Office and Gajendranarayan Singh Hospital demanded Women and Children Social Justice Committee in Province-2 provide health supplies along with RDT kits.

Officiating chief at Health Office in Saptari, Duniya Lal Yadav, said out of 800 kits provided, only 60 kits are left.  Residents of Surunga municipality-11 of Saptari district have demanded that coronavirus tests be accelerated in their area after two out of 28 coronavirus infected people were found at Bhulke of Triyuga municipality-3 of Udayapur district, according to the health office.

The Health Office, Saptari, said a total of 127 people are still in a quarantine centre set up by the local governments and 49 people, who are in home quarantine, have to undergo a coronavirus test.
Jainul Raien, president of the supply committee under the Province 2 ministry, assured of directing the provincial government to install a PCR machine and safety appliances.

Corona tests carried out on 85 people on road
KANCHANPUR: Rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) for coronavirus have been carried out on 85 people entering Kanchanpur from other districts.
The health desk at Gajaraula, Krishnapur Municipality-6 carried out the tests on these people on the road. All of them tested negative for Covid-19. These people are said to be entering Kanchanpur district without a permit.
“As they did not take permission from the administration, we stopped them from entering Kanchanpur and subjected them to undergo RDT for coronavirus,” Assistant Chief District Officer Gokarna Prasad Upadhyay said. They were returning home from various places across the country. Twenty-eight people entering the municipality have been put into quarantine at the Baijnath Secondary School at Bhimdattanagar municipality, it is learnt. Their rapid tests returned negative results. RSS

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