Thousands continue to leave capital for homes to escape lockdown hardship

हेल्थपोस्ट नेपाल

Kathmandu: Home is where the heart is! Home is for affection and togetherness with family members. This is reflected much in the crisis as we could see thousands of people leaving Kathmandu Valley for their homes to avoid further adversity caused by the coronavirus menace.

On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, thousands of people were crowded at two major exit points—Kalanki and Jadibuti—to leave for their homes as the lockdown continued meting out hardship in the city.

In the crowds were many people with newborns and toddlers, getting hurried to catch the bus. Those with low income and losing jobs owing to the lockdown order imposed for containing the spread of the deadly virus had no option but to leave the capital city.

After the federal government decided to rescue those facing much hardship in coordination with provincial and local governments, the people’s representatives swung into action to facilitate the transportation for the people of respective areas.

Mayor of Ramechhap Municipality Nara Bahadur Thapamagar was facilitating the people desperate to go home from Jadibuti. “Many people from Ramechhap were facing severe hardship with the stay-at-home order for long. So, it was imperative to help them. Most of them are workers. I came from Ramechhap to manage their travel home,” Thapamagar shared. The municipality rescued the district people by arranging 13 buses on Tuesday and 10 buses on Wednesday.

Jadibuti area has been the exit point also for the people heading to Okhaldhunga, Dolakha, Sindhuli, Khotang and Solukhumbu districts in addition to some Tarai districts.

According to Thapamagar, data was being collected for the distribution of relief materials and medicine at people’s doorsteps.

Lately, the local levels have also encouraged the returnees to begin cultivation by providing seeds and fertilizer.

The security team was facing a tough time managing the crowd at Jadibuti. A large number of security personnel were deployed at Jadibuti and Kalanki areas to maintain order. Some police personnel could be seen miking to inform the crowd about the bus routes and departure points.

Deputy chief of Tinpata Rural Municipality in Sindhuli Padam Maya Tamang was busy rescuing people from her area till late night at Jadibuti.

According to her, nearly 800 people, many of the women and children, were rescued and arranged for their return home over two days.
Also rescued were nearly 2,000 people from Khanddevi Rural Municipality of Ramechhap.

Similarly, lawmaker Top Bahadur Rayamajhi was found at Kalanki, facilitating vehicles for the people willing to their homes. RSS

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