Government procuring additional kits for coronavirus tests

हेल्थपोस्ट नेपाल

The government has started bringing the medical supplies required for Covid-19 tests. These kits are being brought from Germany through the Nepali Army.
The materials necessary for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and rapid diagnostic test (RDT) kits are being brought after the previous stock had run out, said Dr Samir Kumar Adhikari, joint spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population.

The ministry had procured 70,000 RDT kits through a bidding process. The government had been using those kits to conduct tests at provincial and local levels. “We have sent all the previously purchased kits to all places for testing. We are bringing the kits soon through the public procurement process so as to prevent the shortage of kits for Covid-19 tests,” he said.

According to him, tests are being carried out as per the PCR in accordance with the capacity. He added that some PCR kits have been reserved to be used in very urgent situations as these are also in limited number.
Joint spokesman Adhikari said the government will carry out tests of all the people in quarantine. A total of 21,958 people have been kept under quarantine across the country.
So far, tests have been carried out on 61,102 people using the PCR and RDT method. A total of 13,414 people have undergone the PCR test while another 49,668 have had RDT.
A total of 75 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the country so far. Fifteen people in Nepalgunj and one person in Birgunj had tested positive on Sunday.

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